Our Current Team

Aditya Jyoti Paul

Team Lead

Google Explore ML Facilitator | Facebook AI Scholar | GCI Mentor @Tensorflow | Google Assistant Dev | Researcher | Developer

Smaranjit Ghose

Project Development Lead

A quick thinker who believes in a pragmatic approach towards life. Apart from being adept at computer vision technology , Smaranjit has a penchant for street food and boxing!

Arpita Mallick

Public Relations Lead

Free spirited and fiercely independent, Arpita is passionate about creating an impact on the society. She loves to interact and is a huge David Dobrik fan

Shivam Pal


"Just another data analytics enthusiast , likes anime and drawing will always be there to help"

Ramansh Sharma


Machine Learning Engineer at Omdena, collaborating to predict illegal dumpsites around the world in partnership with the TrashOut NGO. Fascinated by the machinations of deep learning and neural networks.

Shubhangi Singh


Enthusiastic and goal-driven Cyber Security enthusiast with a zest for learning new things. Avid content writer and editor in conjunction with strong interpersonal skills. Equipped with excellent work ethics, I am a determined team player.

Rishabh Abhani

Project Development

A simple tech enthusiast who loves to explore new things and listen to music whenever possible.

Jothivarshini S

Public Relations

A blogger who's honing my skills in research and filled with creativity.

Syed Farhan Ahmad


Quantum & AI Research Intern, IBM || Microsoft Gold Student Ambassador || ECE Undergrad at RVCE

Puranjay Mohan


Linux Kernel Developer | Edge Computing | Embedded Systems | TinyML | Open Source Contributor

Notable Alumni

Vipul Sharma

Senior Advisor

Assistant System Engineer at TCS, currently working with Bigdata Hadoop, Apache Hive and Spark, Scala and Python, Power Bi and React.js | Experienced in Web Development and Cloud services.

Jitesh Jhawar

Project Development

Former Domain Leader (Project Development) Expert in Java and Python with a love for teaching and building new things.

Udit Sharma

Project Development

Experienced Data Scientist with a demonstrated history of working in ML. Skilled in Python, C++, NLP, Deep Learning & Computer Vision.

Our Past Members

Ehtesham Akhtar

Project development

Data Science enthusiast | web developer | singing | reading | error 4:04 sleep not found

Harsh Goel

Project Development

I am geeky enough to sit coding for hours, also a memer by hobby

Kavyapriya R


Researcher | Secretary of R&D, IEEE SRM SB | Front-end Developer
Works in Image processing and data analytics. An ardent content writer and editor, love to keep myself busy!

Nachiketa Barve


Interested in coding and research,in the field of physics and space science. Hobbies include watching TV series and reading books.

Shibin Shaji

Project Development

I am an IoT and embedded systems enthusiast who is always in search of problems which I can solve technically and make lifes better.

Sulaksh Sharma

Public Relations

A great fan of anime, a gamer, like to listen billboard, always like to be cheerful.

Devangi Purkayastha


A Machine Learning / Deep Learning aficionado with keen interest and projects in the fields of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Constantly learning, experimenting and delving into the depths of anything that ignites my curiosity.

Stuti Sehgal


Ambitious, detail-oriented, and results-driven with works in Python, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Android Studio (Java). Avid content writer and editor with strong interpersonal skills, I am a team player.

Geetanjali Purohit


Geetanjali Purohit is a computer science and engineering student with a radiant personality. Having an array of interests ranging from data science and technology to writing poetry/articles and theatre she could be described as a keen learner.



AI developer/enthusiast, technophile, Fast Learner, Loves to read books, play football, and working hard to find a better version myself each and every day

Sowmya J Iyer


With a passion for research in applictions aided by Deep Learning, I am determined to foster developments in Machine Perception and Cognition.